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1.5-2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber, is a hard shell hyperbaric chamber designed for people to sit down inside, also possible to recline comfortably with a premium folding sitting chair. 1.5/1.6ATA working pressure, up to 2.0ATA. The 1.5/1.6ATA hard hyperbaric chambers are made by solid stainless steel and PC material, the 2.0ATA hard hyperbaric oxygen chambers are made by more thick materials. Equipped with a large transparent door in front, and two big transparent windows each side, making your chamber more bright to use and no claustrophobic. It is 200cm/79inch length, very roomy space inside for a comfortable use.

1.5-2.0 ATA Hard Shell Sitting Hyperbaric Chamber

1.Transparent Windows Each End

OXYAIR offers a unique design with two large transparent windows located at the head and foot ends of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Made with aviation-grade materials and double-layered for added durability, the windows provide a larger field of view both inside and outside the chamber. Offering a more comfortable experience and reduces feelings of claustrophobia.

2.New Advanced Welding Process

New advanced welding and splicing processes perfectly fit the metal and polycarbonate together, and the outside is reinforced by an aluminum ring, which is firm, beautiful and won’t deform with use. And chamber body welded by 3 pieces of different thickness stainless steel together, thus higher strength for higher pressure resistance at no bending risk for overtime use unlike others do.

3.In-Out Control Panel And Screen

All the hard hyperbaric chambers have two control panels inside and outside, allows you can operate the chamber yourself, no further assistance required. Also dual digital display screens inside and out show data of Temperature, Humidity, and Oxygen Purity inside the chamber via a highly precise sensor, making your operation more convenient.

4.Power Failure Safety System

A power failure safety system in the unit gives a safe use if the power shuts off suddenly. The system in the hard chamber will release the pressure automaticlly and slowly when power shuts off suddenly while the users are completely sleeping. The door will be dropped down automaticlly after chamber pressure released, making the chamber even safer to use.

5.Smart Door Sensor

Operating the hyperbaric chambers with an incompletely closed door poses a safety risk that may result in harm to oneself or damage to the chamber. Our OXYAIR Hard Hyperbaric Chamber addresses this issue by incorporating a sensor lock feature that restricts operation of the chamber to when the door is fully closed. Additionally, there are indicator lights located inside and outside the chamber, further enhancing its safety features.

6.Working Pressures Adjustable

The OXYAIR pressure switch valve, featuring an exclusive design, allows users to adjust the working pressure of the chamber at various levels ranging from 1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0ATA(or any pressure levels you like to set up) with the simple press of a valve. This unique feature enables all the users to initiate their hyperbaric oxygen therapy at a lower pressure levels and gradually work their way up to higher levels, ensuring a more controlled and comfortable experience for your HBOT treatment in an easy way.

7.Efficient Air Cooling System

Our efficient and powerful air conditioning system can will remove the humidity inside the chamber, giving dry and clean air to the chamber, it can also cool the air, ensuring a better cool and comfortable experience when using the chamber in the summer. Additionally, this system is electrically driven, eliminating the need for ice water or Freon and requiring zero maintenance. This feature adds to the comfort and overall pleasantness of using the chamber.

Wellness Center 2.0ATA Hard Shell HBOT Smart Hyperbaric Chamber

Wellness Center 2.0ATA Hard Shell HBOT Smart Hyperbaric Chamber

Wellness Center 2.0ATA Hard Shell HBOT Smart Hyperbaric Chamber

2.0ATA Pro Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

2.0ATA Pro Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

2.0ATA Pro Hard Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Customize Service

We can customize different parts of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber according to customer needs.

1.Chamber Coat Color Customization:

Blue (royal blue, dark blue), Black, Beige, Green, Gray Optional.

(outerwear can be selected for all models)

2.Pressure Customization

Single Soft Chamber:

① white material fabric: 1.3ata-1.5ata. ② blue material fabric: 1.3ata-1.4ata. Double Soft Chamber: 1.1ata-1.3ata. OLV-RT01 Model Single Soft Chamber: 1.1ata-2.0ata. Hard Oxygen Chamber: 1.1ata-2.0ata.

If you are interested in hyperbaric oxygen chamber products, please click to contact us for details!

2.0 ATA Portable Lying Type Hyperbaric Chamber

Wheelchair Portable Lying Type Hyperbaric Chamber

HBOT Chamber for Beauty 2.0ATA Hard Shell  Hyperbaric Chamber Sale

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