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Patient Benefits

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Olive has been dedicated to the design, develop and manufacture of Various types of oxygen concentrators since 2006

Olive Oxygen Concentrators provide the best solution for human respiratory system. Especially the medical standard oxygen concentrator, which can work 7*24 hours with high oxygen concentration, it's very helpful for the patients.

Increase survival rate

Inhale high concentrations of oxygen for at least 15 hours a day can help improve the survival rate of some patients. Today's portable oxygen technology allows you to perform portable oxygen therapy anytime and anywhere

Improves Exercise Tolerance

Studies show that by using supplemental oxygen during exercise allows you to exercise longer, at a higher intensity, which means you’ll reap greater rewards for all your efforts.

Improves Mental Alertness

Are you in a mental fog? When you’re not getting enough oxygen, every organ of your body is affected, including your brain.

Confusion is the first sign that people with lung disease who may not be getting enough oxygen. Using supplemental oxygen keeps your brain and all your other vital organs healthy.

Relieve Heart Disease

Relieve pulmonary hypertension caused by hypoxia, reduce polycythemia, reduce blood viscosity, reduce the burden on the right ventricle, and delay the occurrence and development of pulmonary heart disease

Assist in Treating COVID-19

Our commonly used medical grade oxygen concentrators can be used to assist in the treatment of some severe COVID-19 cases but would not be appropriate for many critically ill patients.

Improves Mood

Studies show that oxygen therapy is associated with an improvement in cognition, performance and mood.

Increases Stamina

If you have little energy to get through the day, it may be because your oxygen levels are low. Oxygen therapy gives you the stamina you need to carry out normal, everyday functions such as getting dressed, cleaning house, preparing a meal and taking the dog for a walk.

Easy Maintenance

Replaceable filters suggest to clean once a week and replace half a year(HEPA filter no need to clean) .

Olive by the Numbers

What Makes Us Medical Health Leaders


Our group factory is more than 3600 square meters

PCS Monthly Capacity

Our factory have a capacity of 25000 PCS per month


More than 15 years of manufacturing experience


Serving customers in 100+ countries around the world

The Future of Competitive Bidding

Due to the aggravation of the COVID epidemic, various countries have liberalized their customs clearance policies for medical products, reducing the difficulty of customs clearance.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued new regulations that offer much-needed improvements for future rounds of the competitive bidding program and provide welcome relief for suppliers serving Medicare beneficiaries in rural America.








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