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Custom Home 2.0ATA Soft Hyperbaric Oxygen Lying Hyperbaric Sleep Chamber

①The hyperbaric oxygen chamber simulated an micro high-pressure environment to help you treat autism and other hypoxic-oxygen diseases at home.

②The hyperbaric oxygen range of OXYAIR chambers is between 1.3ata and 2.0ata, and we can custom the pressure of the oxygen chamber to your needs.

③There are soft and hard hyperbaric oxygen chambers to choose from. Meanwhile, our soft hyperbaric oxygen chambers are available in lying, sitting, standing, wheelchair and other models to choose.

④Our MOQ for the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is 1, meanwhile, you can also customize your logo and color on the product.

For business OEM/ODM bulk sales service, please inquire us right now!

Pressure1.1-2.0 ATA
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Average Oxygen≤25%

Product Description

Hyperbaric Chamber for Inflammation

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen?

The body is in a hyperbaric environment to breathe pure oxygen at the same pressure as the environment, which is called hyperbaric oxygen.

Breathing pure oxygen at more than one atmosphere pressure is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

It can eliminate fatigue, improve body resistance, help beauty, prevent the occurrence of geriatric diseases, and improve sub-health status.

Working Principle & Application

Hyperbaric Chamber Working Principle

When people breathe in a micro-pressure oxygen chamber, due to the increase of pressure, a large amount of oxygen is dissolved in the blood, the blood oxygen capacity of the human body is significantly increased, and the oxygen content and oxygen storage capacity in the tissue are increased, thereby playing a health care effect.

2-3ata Hard Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

2-3ata Hard Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber has the following benefits for inflammation treatment:

Increased blood oxygenation: Increased air pressure in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber causes more oxygen to dissolve in the blood, thus increasing the oxygen content in the blood. This helps to improve blood circulation and promote oxygen supply to the inflammatory site, which is beneficial for the treatment and relief of inflammatory symptoms.

Inhibit inflammation: Oxygen in hyperbaric oxygen environment can promote an anti-inflammatory response and inhibit inflammatory pathological process. Oxygen can kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of pathogens, while stimulating the body to produce more anti-inflammatory cells and molecules, thereby accelerating the healing of inflammation.

Improve tissue repair: The hyperbaric oxygen environment provides more oxygen supply, which can promote cell metabolism and tissue repair. This is important for the repair and healing of inflammatory injuries

Hyperbaric Chamber for Inflammation

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