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1.5ATA Quality Athletes HBOT Hyperbaric Chamber

①The hyperbaric oxygen chamber simulated an micro high-pressure environment to help you treat autism and other hypoxic-oxygen diseases at home.

②The hyperbaric oxygen range of OXYAIR chambers is between 1.3ata and 2.0ata, and we can custom the pressure of the oxygen chamber to your needs.

③There are soft and hard hyperbaric oxygen chambers to choose from. Meanwhile, our soft hyperbaric oxygen chambers are available in lying, sitting, standing, wheelchair and other models to choose.

④Our MOQ for the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is 1, meanwhile, you can also customize your logo and color on the product.

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Product Name1.5 ata Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Product TypeHard-shell Lying and Sitting Type
Usage ScenariosBusiness Negotiations, Physical Therapy, Health Care, Sports Recovery
Optional AccessoriesAir cooler
Gross weight160KG
External Chamber SizeL223*W121*H143cm
Internal Chamber SizeL191*W93*H98cm

Product Description

Luxury Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen?

The body is in a hyperbaric environment to breathe pure oxygen at the same pressure as the environment, which is called hyperbaric oxygen.

Breathing pure oxygen at more than one atmosphere pressure is called hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

It can eliminate fatigue, improve body resistance, help beauty, prevent the occurrence of geriatric diseases, and improve sub-health status.

Working Principle & Application

Hyperbaric Chamber Working Principle

By raising the ambient air pressure, it enhances the concentration of oxygen, leading to improved utilization of oxygen within the body.

During hyperbaric oxygen intervention, when oxygen is abundantly available, hypoxia-inducible factors undergo hydroxylation and subsequently get transported to the proteasome for degradation. This process ensures proper regulation and maintenance of cellular functions.

Luxury Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric Chamber for Athletes

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has gained popularity among athletes as it is believed to provide several benefits for athletic performance and recovery. While the scientific evidence is still limited, here are some potential benefits of using hyperbaric oxygen chambers for athletes:

Enhanced recovery: HBOT may help speed up the recovery process by minimizing muscle fatigue, soreness, and inflammation after intense training sessions or competitions. The increased oxygen availability in the body during HBOT can aid in the repair of damaged tissues and promote faster healing.

Improved endurance: HBOT has been suggested to enhance endurance by increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. This can potentially improve aerobic performance and delay the onset of fatigue during prolonged exercise.

Accelerated injury healing: Hyperbaric oxygen chambers have shown potential in promoting faster healing of sports-related injuries, such as fractures, sprains, and ligament tears. The increased oxygen levels can aid in tissue regeneration, reduce swelling, and support the overall healing process.

Reduced oxidative stress: Intense exercise can lead to an excess production of free radicals, causing oxidative stress in the body. HBOT's antioxidant properties may help neutralize these free radicals, protect against cell damage, and enhance overall cellular health.

Decreased lactic acid buildup: One of the proposed benefits of HBOT is its ability to reduce lactic acid buildup in muscles during high-intensity exercises. Lower levels of lactic acid can potentially delay muscle fatigue, improve muscle performance, and allow athletes to push harder for longer periods.

Advantage Selling Point

Luxury Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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