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Are Oxygen Concentrators Useful for Covid-19 patients?

Mar. 21, 2022

The new crown virus has been haunting the public frequently, so everyone can't avoid it, but if you are really infected with the new crown, you also need a good attitude to fight the virus, and you need to protect yourself and others. Some time ago, the epidemic situation abroad was serious, and the oxygen concentrators in the entire market were also sold crazy. Many people found oxygen concentrators to be shipped to foreign countries and used for patients who have been infected with the new crown. Today, let’s talk about oxygen inhalation for treatment. How does oxygen inhalation help treat Covid-19? 

Are Oxygen Concentrators Useful for Covid-19 patients

Patients with new coronary pneumonia sometimes require oxygen therapy, but mainly depends on the severity of the patient's condition. For patients with mild and common types of new coronary pneumonia, most of the patients have no obvious symptoms of asthma, chest tightness, and most of them have no obvious hypoxia. At this time, oxygen inhalation is not required.

But for those severely and critically ill patients, there can be obvious chest tightness, wheezing, and even difficulty breathing. Due to the severe inflammatory reaction of lung tissue, the ventilation function and diffusion function of the lung can be affected. At this time, the patient may be accompanied by different degrees of hypoxemia, or even develop respiratory failure. Most of these patients need high-concentration oxygen inhalation, which can be inhaled with nasal cannula and mask. Some patients with severe respiratory failure also need to use a ventilator to assist breathing to improve the body’s hypoxic state and maintain organ function. Therefore, oxygen inhalation is also one of the treatment methods for patients with severe new coronary pneumonia.

Home oxygen concentrators have also been pouring into the public eye in recent years. Many people with poor heart and lung function are also using oxygen concentrators. For the current living conditions, early prevention is more important, and more want to pay attention to the system. 

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