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What Should I Pay Attention to When Choosing an Oxygen Concentrator For Use With a Ventilator?

Mar. 12, 2022

As we all know, both the home ventilator and the oxygen generator are the more commonly used medical equipment in our family. However, many people often confuse the two together. Both the oxygen concentrator and the ventilator can improve the breathing condition. Then what is the difference between the oxygen concentrator machine and a ventilator? When should an oxygen concentrator and a ventilator be used together? What should I pay attention to when choosing an oxygen concentrator for use with a ventilator?

What Should I Pay Attention to When Choosing an Oxygen Concentrator For Use With a Ventilator?cid=19

First, the difference between oxygen concentrator and ventilator:

A ventilator is a device that can replace or improve human breathing, increase pulmonary ventilation, and improve respiratory function. It is used to assist or control the inspiratory and expiratory functions of the human body. It is generally used for the patients who suffer from pulmonary failure or airway obstruction and cannot breathe normally. To help the patient complete the breathing process of exhalation and inhalation. It has multiple breathing modes (various ways in which the ventilator delivers gas) to choose from.

The oxygen concentrator is a safe and convenient machine for extracting high-concentration pure oxygen. It is a pure physical oxygen concentrator. It uses PSA pressure swing adsorption technology to become high-purity oxygen after purification. It does not have any breathing mode to choose from, and is suitable for long-term home "oxygen therapy" rehabilitation care.

2. When should the oxygen concentrator and the ventilator be used together?

For serious diseases such as cardiopulmonary disease and heart failure, it is necessary to use an oxygen concentrator and a ventilator together to treat the disease. At this time, oxygen use is a highly professional rehabilitation treatment method, including flow, concentration, frequency and time of use, should follow the advice and guidance of professional medical personnel.

3. What should I pay attention to when choosing an oxygen concentrator for use with a ventilator?

When used with a ventilator, high-flow oxygen inhalation is required first. The oxygen concentrator for use requires a flow rate of 5L, 8L, or even 10L, and it must be able to run continuously for a long time or even run continuously for 24 hours. Therefore, the oxygen concentrator must be able to operate for a long time, even 24 hours and 365 days. Secondly, the oxygen concentrator parameter requirements, internal configuration, oxygen output pressure, oxygen purity, oxygen output stability, etc. must meet the standards of medical rescue.

A ventilator and an oxygen concentrator are two completely different concepts. A ventilator acts like an electric fan to provide airflow to aid and replace our breathing. The oxygen concentrator is like a sieve, sifting out the oxygen in the air, enriching and purifying it and supplying it to the human body to improve our hypoxic state. The ventilator can assist people to breathe, but it cannot effectively improve the hypoxia state of the human body, while the oxygen concentrator can increase the oxygen concentration and oxygen reserve in the blood, so that the blood oxygen saturation of the human body is maintained in a healthy state, thereby improving the human body's metabolism and immunity. For more serious diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart failure, the combination of oxygen concentrator and ventilator will achieve a more ideal therapeutic effect!








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