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Is an Oxygen Concentrator The Same As a Ventilator?

Feb. 16, 2022

Both ventilators and oxygen concentrators can provide extra oxygen to a patient, but there is a big difference between the two. Since many people confuse the oxygen Concentrator with the ventilator, in order to make it easier for everyone to understand, I will conduct popular science from the appearance, weight, function and price of the product.

1. Product appearance difference

Oxygen concentrator size: 3-5L oxygen concentrator is 390*337*620mm, which is about a little smaller than the bedside table.

Ventilator size: 290*170*103 mm.

Is an oxygen concentrator the same as a ventilator?cid=19

The picture above shows the size comparison between Olive Oxygen Concentrator and Olive Portable Ventilator

We can compare the size of the ventilator and the oxygen concentrator according to the size of the socket in the picture. The oxygen concentrator is obviously much larger than the ventilator.

2.The product weight difference

The weight of 3 liter oxygen concentrator is about 11-15KG, and the weight of 5 liter oxygen concentrator is about 15-23KG

The weight of the ventilator is about 2.5KG

3. Product function, role difference

(1). The most basic function of the oxygen concentrator is to produce oxygen and purify the oxygen in the air. Atomization, oxygen concentration display, remote control, etc. are all additional functions.

The role of the oxygen concentrator: when the human body lacks oxygen, inhaling oxygen can increase the blood oxygen concentration in the body.

(2). The function of the ventilator is to help patients solve breathing problems

The function of the ventilator is that the machine pushes air pressure through the nasal mask into the throat, the airway of the lungs, and helps the body breathe.

1) Sleep ventilator function: solve the problem of snoring and prevent various diseases caused by snoring.

2) The role of a disease ventilator: help to expel excess carbon dioxide from the body and replace the work of the lungs.

4. The price difference

The price of household 3-5L oxygen concentrator is 300-3000 dollars.

The price range of home ventilator is 600-3000 dollars


Oxygen concentrators and ventilators are not the same product. Oxygen concentrators help increase the blood oxygen concentration in the body, while ventilators help patients solve breathing problems.

As consumers, we should clarify our own needs. If we are not sure, we should first confirm the products we need to buy with the doctor, and then we can make judgments according to the knowledge mentioned above.








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