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Self-cleaning and Routine Maintenance of Home Oxygen Concentrators

Mar. 19, 2022

In today's daily life, oxygen therapy is no longer the patent of the hospital, and there is no necessarily for you to go to hospital for oxygen inhalation. In the past, we could only go to the hospital to inhale oxygen. Now, with the home oxygen generator, we can inhale the same oxygen as the hospital at home, and we can perform oxygen therapy at home. Then, when we use the home oxygen concentrator, what problems should be paid attention to?  I will share with you the maintenance and care of the household oxygen concentrator below.

Self-cleaning and Routine Maintenance of Home Oxygen Concentrators

1. Cleaning of the shell

The housing of the home oxygen concentrator is generally cleaned once a month. When cleaning, pay attention to cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock. When scrubbing, use a clean and soft cloth and dip a small amount of disinfectant to slowly wipe the casing. Be careful not to let water flow into the gaps of the casing.

2. Cleaning of the humidification bottle

In general, the distilled water or cold boiled water in the humidification bottle of the home oxygen generator should be replaced every day, and the humidification bottle should be cleaned once a week, first rinsed with light detergent, and then rinsed with clean water to ensure the quality of oxygen. When cleaning the humidification bottle, pay attention to cleaning the core tube and the filter element at the bottom of the bottle to ensure the smooth flow of oxygen.

3. Replacement of fuse tube

The replacement of the fuse tube of the home oxygen generator is also an important procedure for the maintenance of the oxygen generator. First, the power cord must be unplugged, all power sources must be cut off, and then the fuse tube of each oxygen generator must be replaced according to the instructions.

4. Cleaning of the oxygen suction pipe

In general, the oxygen inhalation tube of a home oxygen concentrator should be cleaned every three days, and the nose nozzle on the oxygen inhalation tube should be cleaned after each use. It can be soaked in 5% potassium permanganate solution for 5 minutes and then washed with water, or with Medical alcohol wipe. It is recommended that the oxygen suction tube be replaced every 2 months. It should be noted that the oxygen suction tube should be kept dry and there should be no water droplets.

5. Cleaning of the filter

The cleaning of the filter screen has a protective effect on the compressor and molecular sieve of our oxygen generator, and can also prolong the service life of the machine, so please clean or replace it in time. It should be noted that the oxygen generator is not allowed to operate when the filter is not installed.

Next, let's briefly talk about the cleaning of the filter screen. The filter screen in the primary filter is generally cleaned once every two weeks, and the filter screen in the secondary filter is generally cleaned once a month. This is in a general environment. It also depends on your own situation. If you see that the filter screen has turned black, it should be cleaned or replaced no matter how long it has been used. The cleaning method is to first clean it with a light detergent, then rinse it with clean water, and then install it on the machine after it is dry.

To sum up, in general, when cleaning and maintaining a home oxygen concentrator, it is best to go to the home oxygen concentrator to have a more comprehensive understanding before starting. Please carefully read the instructions of the home oxygen concentrator you bought , and then start cleaning and maintaining the home oxygen concentrator is better, so it will be more convenient to clean.








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