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Why Athletes Need Low Oxygen Concentration Training

Apr. 13, 2023

Why athletes need low oxygen concentration training

As an athlete, in addition to daily physical training and technical and tactical training, you also need to do some special training to improve your physical fitness. Among them, hypoxic training is a kind of training method that is favored by more and more athletes. So, why do athletes need hypoxic training?


What is hypoxic training?

Hypoxia training, also known as altitude training or hypoxia training, is a form of training that stimulates physiological adaptations by reducing the oxygen supply to simulate a high altitude environment. Hypoxic concentration training can be achieved by performing at high altitudes such as plateaus and mountains, or by using equipment such as hypoxic chambers.

Why Athletes Need Low Oxygen Concentration Training

What are the benefits of hypoxia training for athletes

Improves oxygen utilization efficiency

Hypoxic concentration training promotes the body to produce more red blood cells and improves the ability to carry oxygen in the blood. This allows athletes to make better use of oxygen during daily training and competition, reducing fatigue and recovery time.

Enhances Muscle Endurance

Low oxygen concentration training can also improve the oxidative phosphorylation capacity of muscles, enhancing muscle fatigue resistance and endurance levels. This is very helpful for sports that require prolonged and sustained exercise, such as marathons and soccer.

Improve cardiorespiratory function

Low oxygen concentration training can stimulate the body's heart and lungs








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