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OLV-10s Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator For 2 People

Model Number: OLV-10S

Product highlight: Produce Oxygen+Atomizing, Handle and wheels, Wireless remote control 

Product features: 0-10L oxygen flow adjust, Wheels with brake, 2 years warranty, CE ISO approved

Application: Hospital and Home medical care

Customization: OEM and ODM services are available according to your needs, ideas and samples.


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Working principle of high concentration oxygen concentrator

Working principle of high concentration oxygen concentrator

The air compressor removes oil, dust and other solid impurities and most of the gaseous water through the pretreatment system, and enters the adsorption tower equipped with molecular sieve. The nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor in the air are adsorbed, and the cycle cycle of decompression and desorption, Make compressed air alternately enter the adsorption tower to achieve separation, thereby continuously producing high-concentration oxygen

Product parameter

Product parameter

OLV-10s Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator For 2 People
Oxygen flow0-10L/min
Oxygen Purity≥ 93%±3%
Power supply220V 士 22V, 50Hz 士 1Hz/110V 土 11V, 60Hz 士 1Hz
Output pressure20Kpa-60Kpa
Input Power800VA
Sound levelLess Than 50db
Net Weight28KG
Dimension(MM)350 X250 X 670(mm)
Working SystemContinuous flow
Atomization quantity≥0.15ml/min(Only modes with atomization function)


1-10L oxygen flow adjust

Wheels with brake

2 years warranty

CE ISO approved

Support 24*7 continuously working

93%±3% high oxygen purity

Power faliure alarm

Timing function

Low noise

Filter the air

Available For Two People Use.

Efficient Zeolite

OLV-10s Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator For 2 People
OLV-10s Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator For 2 People

48 Hours

Continuous Operation

2 Patients

Provide Oxgen For 2 Patients


High Oxygen Concentration


Dual Flow Oxygen Concentrator

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Annual sales of 80000 units

Olive has been focusing on the production and research and development of medical oxygen concentrators for a long time, and has continuously broken through the key areas of oxygen concentrators and obtained a number of patents and domestic and foreign recognitions.

Annual sales of 80,000 units







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