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Olive Hypoxic/Hyperoxia 10lmp Air Generator For Physical Sports Enthusiasts Training

Simulated Altitude: from 1000m to 6500m

Two outputs: one machine can provide hyperoxic and hypoxic at the same time.

√  Low oxygen concentration: 8.50% to 19.8%

√  High oxygen concentration: 78% to 92%

Product Specification
High Oxygen Delivery Rate
Hypoxic Delive Rate100L/min
Output Pressure20Kpa-60Kpa
Sound Level≤48db
Power Consumption
Net Weight20KG
34.4 X 30.6 X 56.5(cm)

OLV-10H Sport Hypoxic Machine Best High Altitude Oxygen Concentrator

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Product Description

Olive Hypoxic/Hyperoxia 10lmp Air Generator For Physical Sports Enthusiasts Training

Altitude Hypoxic Generator Product Description:

The Mountain Air Generator is our newest, most advanced altitude generator. Which produces a strong stream of low oxygen air for altitude acclimatization, interval hypoxic training (IHT), hypoxic exercise (HX), sleeping tents, and high-altitude rooms. 

Simulated altitude helps you reach your maximum athletic performance by increasing your oxygen uptake and delivery. The generator works naturally with your body's systems to markedly increase your red blood cell density. In just a few weeks, the MAG can dramatically increase your speed and endurance. 

No matter what type of sport you pursue, the mountain air generator is the best altitude simulator you can buy.When the human body is exposed to low oxygen air, it responds by making new red blood cells to increase oxygen delivery. More red blood cells in your body means more oxygen to your muscles when you need it, resulting in increased speed, endurance, and power. You reap the benefits regardless of whether you are performing at sea level or at high altitude. 


√  Improves endurance performance in cyclists and runners

√  Increases walking capacity in Spinal Cord Injury Patients

√  Enhances lung function in asthmatic athletes

√  Enables acclimatization at sea-level

The benefits vary greatly based on the application, but whether you’re an endurance athlete, sprint-based athlete, mountaineer or someone trying to achieve their wellness goals, simulated altitude training takes performance to another level, as proven by the independent research studies below: Can provide Intermittent Hypoxic Treatment

Support three gear adjustment can be freely set to simulate different altitudes.
Flow (L/min)Gear 1.0
Gear 2.0Gear 3.0
108.2%/750013.2%/3700 14.5%/3000
88.4%/7300 14.5%/300015.0%/2700
214.8%/2800 18.3%/1000 17.5%/1500

Altitude Hypoxic Generatorproduct Feature

1. Light weight

2. Comes with wheel, can move to everywhere.

3. 3 gear, adjustable

4. Simulated altitude: from 1000m to 6500m

5. Oxygen concentration range:  8.50% to 19.8%

Product Advantages

Health Benefits of Exercise with Oxygen

OLV-10H Sport Hypoxic Machine Best High Altitude Oxygen Concentrator

1. The number of red blood cells in the blood increases.

The kidneys and liver (mainly the kidneys) secrete erythropoietin (EPO), which accelerates the production of red blood cells and enhances blood carryover and oxygen capacity. After simulating altitude training, the deformability of red blood cells is increased, thereby avoiding an increase in blood viscosity due to an increase in the number of red blood cells and maintaining good blood flow.

2. The ability to exchange oxygen in the lungs is enhanced.

When the human body is on the plateau, it will increase the breathing rate to inhale more oxygen. The expansion of the telangiectus of the lungs increases the contact area for gas exchange, so that hemoglobin can be more efficiently loaded into the lungs.

OLV-10H Sport Hypoxic Machine Best High Altitude Oxygen Concentrator

3. Myocardial function is enhanced.

People on the plateau know that the heart rate will be significantly higher than the plains some days before the plateau. This is due to the low air density, which requires pumping more blood to use as much oxygen as the plain. After a period of simulated altitude training, myocardial function will be enhanced and the heart pumping capacity will be enhanced. At the same heart rate, more blood can be output.

4. Vascular changes.

The vasodilation makes it possible to pass more blood, which is equivalent to widening the lane. Increased capillary network in skeletal muscle. The density of capillaries in the skeletal muscle is increased, allowing more oxygen to reach the muscle cells, oxidizing, and generating the energy needed for exercise.

OLV-10H Sport Hypoxic Generator For High Altitude Training

100L Air Buffer Bag

To support continuous flow to the user.It's used to connect the generator to a respirator and allows all Hypoxic systems be put together-sleep,training and hypoxic therapy.

Small Upper Body Sleeping Tent

About  80*60*20cm≈100L.

Portable tent design for easy transportation. Ideal for family using,frequent business trips and prepared accommodations .

Large Upper Body Sleeping Tent


Larger space, more comfortable to use while sleeping.Make your body healthier during sleep


OLV-10H Sport Hypoxic Machine Best High Altitude Oxygen Concentrator

1. Individual hypoxic training system

The Hypoxic generator can connect with mask to match with bicyle and treadmill to do simulated altitude training

2. Altitude training for sports Enthusiasts

Decreased heart rate and blood pressure and help prevent a person from acquiring altitude sickness during hike

3. Slimulated altitude traing on tent

Sleeping at altitude from the comfort of your own home and can help to increased production and release of human growth hormone。This altitude tent has clear walls and is very portable

4. Simulated altitude training system in GYM and Sports center

Long-term training can help sportsman to iccrease power output and speed improve muscular endurance and reduce recovery time

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Annual sales of 80000 units

Olive has been focusing on the production and research and development of medical oxygen concentrators for a long time, and has continuously broken through the key areas of oxygen concentrators and obtained a number of patents and domestic and foreign recognitions.

Annual sales of 80,000 units







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