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Olive 5L Horse Oxygen Concentrator OLV-5 For Veterinary Use

Model Number: OLV-5

Product highlight: High efficiency molecular sieve; Advanced oil-free compression technology.

Product features: Long life time, high purity oxygen, low power consumption, intelligentialize, low sound level 

Application: Ozone, Veterinary, Spa and facial, medical, oxygen filling, Fishpond

Customization: OEM and ODM services are available according to your needs, ideas and samples.

For business OEM/ODM bulk sales service, please inquire us right now.

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Annual sales of 80000 units

Olive has been focusing on the production and research and development of medical oxygen concentrators for a long time, and has continuously broken through the key areas of oxygen concentrators and obtained a number of patents and domestic and foreign recognitions.

Annual sales of 80,000 units







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