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Oxyhydrogen 3000ML High Flow Hydrogen inhaler Browns Gas

 √ For home, commercial and clinic use

 √ Polyelectrolyte method (PEM)

 √ High durability and stability

 √ High electrolysis efficiency

Product Name
3000ML Hydrogen Inhalation Machines
Output flow
Hydrogen purity
Water tank volume
Power supply
Water source
pure water or distilled water (TDS value ≤ 10)
Output pressure

Do you know about hydrogen inhalation?

The Potential Benefits of Inhaling Hydrogen for Various Diseases

Hydrogen is the lightest and smallest element with a molecular structure that allows it to penetrate brain cells that other substances cannot reach. Upon inhalation, it rapidly affects the respiratory system, brain, and vascular tissue, promoting the reduction and repair of physical damage. This discovery has sparked research into various diseases such as respiratory illnesses, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, brain fog, stroke, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease.

There are three key points to remember about hydrogen: 

 √ firstly, it is a naturally occurring gas; secondly, 

 √ it possesses the natural properties of rapid propagation and expansion; 

√ it is the smallest molecule that can even penetrate bone and muscle.

3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

Larger Flow, Higher Efficiency Hydrogen Inhaler

3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

How to choose a molecular hydrogen gas generator? 

1. Is the capacity of the generator sufficient for your needs? A larger capacity will provide faster results.

2. Does it use a poly electrolyte system?

3. Does it have CE, RoHS, ISO 13485 certifications and others?

4. Has it been proven to be safe and durable?

5. Are there scientific reports from recognized independent testing laboratories?

Our product satisfies all of these criteria, ensuring that you can trust in its efficiency, safety, and reliability. With a large capacity and a poly electrolyte system, our generator produces high-quality hydrogen gas quickly. It is also certified by CE, RoHS, and ISO 13485, demonstrating its high standards of quality and safety. Furthermore, our product has undergone rigorous testing in independent labs, with scientific reports available upon request. Choose our molecular hydrogen gas generator for a reliable and effective solution.

3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

Product Details

Product Parameter
Product Name
Hydrogen generator
Hydrogen Purity
Power Input
AC220V ,50Hz
Relative Humidity
Water source
pure water or distilled water (TDS value ≤ 10)

Product Size(mm)


3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

One of the key advantages of this product is its smart alarm system, which provides high and low water level warnings, TDS water quality alarms, pressure alerts, high-temperature warnings, flow regulation capabilities, and a water circulation alarm. This innovative system ensures your safety and helps to prevent any potential damage to the machine.

3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

Its silent turbo fan ensures that the machine operates quietly and efficiently, making it ideal for use in any environment. This intelligent fan system incorporates dual fans to increase its overall performance.

3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

Another benefit is its convenient wheel design, which makes it incredibly easy to move around your workspace or home. Whether you need to transport it across rooms or take it with you on the go, this feature makes it highly versatile and practical.

3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

Product Accessories

Nasal Cannula2Pcs


Humidifier Bottle2PcsT Tubing3Pcs

3000ml High Flow Hydrogen Breathing Machine

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