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Does hypoxic training have such benefits?

Jul. 21, 2022

You have heard of aerobic and anaerobic, but have you heard of 'hypoxia'?

Maybe you think of altitude training. Yes, exercising at higher altitudes can be called 'Hypoxic Training', but what is the difference between exercising and regular aerobic exercise in this context? Today we will talk about what is hypoxic training and the benefits of hypoxic training.

    What is hypoxic training?      

The so-called hypoxic training, as the name suggests, means 'you exercise in an environment with lower than normal levels of oxygen.'

The air on the plateau is thinner and the oxygen pressure drops. When training in such an environment, your body will produce more red blood cells, hemoglobin and myoglobin at one time to improve the 'ability to take in oxygen'.

Does hypoxic training have such benefits?cid=19

    The benefits of hypoxic training    

Improve stamina

To talk about the benefits of hypoxic training, of course, first of all, it is in terms of 'improving endurance'. You must know that the earliest research on hypoxic training was also applied to endurance sports. There have been countless facts that have proved that when athletes perform long-term hypoxic training in a plateau environment, their performance in the 'normal environment' will be reduced. better. It should be noted that the plateau mentioned here must be at least 1800m-2300m, and long-term training for 1-2 months is required, and your cardiopulmonary function and endurance will be greatly improved. You can simply and rudely understand that the benefits of aerobic exercise basically have hypoxic training.

Improve explosiveness

'Repetitive sprint training' in a hypoxic environment can improve an athlete's ability to sprint and combat fatigue (that is, improve explosive power and endurance).

As for the principle, there are mainly two:

1. Training in a hypoxic environment can improve the ability of human white muscle fibers to absorb oxygen from blood. Your muscles can obtain sufficient oxygen, and training performance can of course be improved;

2. hypoxic training can promote vasodilation and enhance lactate excretion

Simply put, the hydrogen ions generated by muscle contraction and the inorganic phosphorus accumulated in muscle cells will cause physical fatigue. If the blood can take away more inorganic phosphorus, the excretion of lactic acid will be accelerated, and it is easy to break through the body's lactic acid tolerance. value, it will naturally make the body 'less tired, or at least speed up recovery'.

Does hypoxic training have such benefits?cid=19

    hypoxic training    

How to do it Since hypoxic training needs to be in a specific environment, and it is impossible for us to run thousands of miles to a moderate plateau every time. Then a better way is to 'simulate a hypoxic environment'.

Olive solves this problem for everyone, Olive Hypoxic Generator can provide you with a hypoxic training environment. At the same time, we are also equipped with large tents and small tents for users to choose from, allowing you to exercise more comfortably in the tent without being restrained by the mask. hypoxic training, starting with Olive.

Does hypoxic training have such benefits?cid=19Does hypoxic training have such benefits?cid=19








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