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What You Need to Know About Nebulizers?

Jun. 07, 2022

With the continuous improvement of people's economic and living standards, more and more people have purchased nebulizer for atomization at home. Compared with the traditional methods of injections and medicines, atomization therapy has a small dosage and strong local effects.

It is more convenient, safe and effective, avoiding cross-infection in the hospital, saving the time of repeated visits to the hospital and reducing costs!

What You Need to Know About Nebulizers?cid=19

With the advent of summer, flu is rampant, and various sensitive respiratory problems also follow! Children, as well as the infirm, are "attacked" by the virus. It may cause a series of respiratory problems such as bronchial asthma (including cough variant asthma), infantile wheezing, acute laryngotracheobronchitis, and bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

Some antibiotics and expectorants can be administered by inhalation, but the specific cause and use of drugs still need to be prescribed by a doctor and dispensed!

It should be noted that the drugs used for nebulization should be in the dosage form specially designed for nebulization, because some intravenous preparations contain preservatives (such as phenol, nitrite, etc.), which may induce an acute attack of bronchial asthma after inhalation.

For wheezing diseases such as asthma, the inhaled drug can only work if it is deposited in the lungs. The higher the early lung deposition rate of the drug, the better the effect!

The effective atomized particle diameter should be 0.5~10.0μm, preferably 3.0~5.0μm. Particles of different diameters can play a therapeutic role in various parts of the respiratory tract. Many families still have many misunderstandings when using home nebulizer, so how should they be dealt with?

01. Pay attention to oral problems

If the mouth is not clean, the residual bacteria will enter the respiratory tract during the atomization process, resulting in a second infection

02. Pay attention to excess phlegm

Before treatment, remove excess secretions from the respiratory tract, so that the patient's respiratory tract can be kept open, and the effect of atomization can be more thorough!

03. Focus on cleanliness

Wash your hands frequently before treatment, and you can avoid contact with bacteria on your hands and medicines during hands-on operations.

04. Focus on meal times

In the first half hour of treatment, you should avoid eating, otherwise you will experience some states such as nausea and vomiting during treatment, especially children and the elderly should pay more attention to these small problems.

05. Watch out for creams

In summer, many women and children will apply some oily facial lotion, but this will also cause more drugs to be accidentally absorbed by the face during the treatment. These problems need to be handled carefully!

The changeable weather in summer brings a great test to your health! A variety of choices, give you the biggest surprise! Choose a caring atomizer and let yourself feel more at ease!








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