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Who Is A Home Oxygen Concentrator Suitable For?

Jan. 06, 2023

Everyone knows the importance of oxygen, which is necessary for human life activities.

So, what kind of situation needs oxygen? Who is a home oxygen concentrator suitable for?

    Situations requiring oxygen    

So, which groups of people need oxygen? Specifically, there are four categories: 

1. Patients with extremely severe COPD need long-term home oxygen therapy for a stable period to improve the survival rate of patients and slow down the speed of lung function damage;  

2.  Cardiac patients with hypoxemia Patients with vascular diseases, such as heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, neuromuscular or chest wall diseases; 

3. Patients with other diseases with hypoxemia, such as patients with advanced cancer;

4. When healthy people enter plateau areas, due to the thin oxygen in the environment, the oxygen content in the body is low, and they are prone to high altitude pulmonary edema, acute mountain sickness, chronic mountain sickness, high altitude coma, high altitude hypoxia, etc., and oxygen therapy is needed as soon as possible.

The goal of oxygen inhalation is: for patients with chronic diseases, such as COPD, the peripheral blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) should not be lower than 88%; for patients with acute diseases, such as severe pneumonia and heart failure, the SpO2 should not be lower than 95%.

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