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Oxygen Purity Analyzer Medical Oxygen Flow Meter

Oxygen Concentrator Accessory Oxygen Purity Analyzer

1.The oxygen analyzer or medical Oxygen Flow Meteris specially used for detecting the concentration of oxygen generated by molecular sieve oxygen concentrator.
2.The oxygen measurement we offer has high sensitivity.
3. Due to stable quality, our oxygen analyzer instrument can last over 5 years.

Product Specification

Oxygen Purity Analyzer
Measuring Range: 0-100 vol%  
Display Resolution:  0.1 vol%
Linearity:    ±2% full-scale
Accuracy:         ±2% full-scale
Operating Temperature: 0°C-40°C
Atmospheric Pressure:  75~125kPa
Humidity:            0-95%
Power Supply:        three AAA alkaline batteries
Size:               122(L)×78(W)×40(H)  mm
Weight:              175g
Proposed Measuring Flow:   <8L/min

Product Features

1. Compact structure & convenient operability. 

2. Fast response, high accuracy and long life inside electrochemical sensor.

Product Application

1. Analysis of the oxygen contents of oxygen concentrators and ventilators in pharmaceutical industry;

2. Determinations of the oxygen contents in industrial and mineral environment, tunnel and chemical industry;

3. Determinations of the oxygen contents in CA storages of grain, fruits, and vegetables;

4. Diological and chemical experiments in high schools.

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging of oxygen purity analyzer: with carton box, suitable for long-distance transportation.

Shipping of oxygen purity analyzer: by Express, including DHL,FEDEX,TNT,etc; By Air transportation; By sea.

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Annual sales of 80000 units

Olive has been focusing on the production and research and development of medical oxygen concentrators for a long time, and has continuously broken through the key areas of oxygen concentrators and obtained a number of patents and domestic and foreign recognitions.

Annual sales of 80,000 units







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