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Professional Salon Spa Medical Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

√ Medical Grade 93% Oxygen Purity From 1 Liter To 5 Liters

√ Safety, Easy To Use

√ Complete Accessories To Meet All Your Needs, Very Good Beauty Effect

√ 7 Kinds Of Light LED Masks, Multi-Function

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Model No.OLV-5A
Purity Oxygen≥93%±3%(V/V)
Output Pressure100kPa~150kPa
Power Consumption300W
Product VoltageAC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz/AC110V±15V, 60HZ±1Hz
Flow Rate1-5L/min
Sound LevelLess Than 50db
WeightNet Weight 22 Kg

Product Description

Professional Salon Spa Medical Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

Oxygen facial machine is used for oxygen facials and body treatments. It is compact and portable, it hosts a powerful oxygen concentrator, able to deliver ±93% pure oxygen. It comes with an airbrush that let you nebulize on the skin oxygen together with specific natural cosmetics, oxygen facial machine is absolutely the smallest effective oxygen jet machine for oxygen facials and oxygen body treatments!

Professional Salon Spa Medical Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

Professional Salon Spa Medical Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

Oxygen Facial Machine Product Function

1. Remove wrinkles, slow down the aging

2. Activate cells, recover elasticity

3. Makeup water, smooth and whiten skins

4. Remove face flaws, and reduce all kinds of speckles

5. Dredge venation, advance circulation, accelerate metabolism

6. Can provide 93% pure oxygen treatment

Oxygen Facial Machine Principle

Professional Salon Spa Medical Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

Why Choose Olive Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

  • Complete Product Accessories

According to the needs of different customers, we provide different accessories, which greatly expand the function of the oxygen noodle machine. You are not buying a single noodle machine, but a more comprehensive and attractive multi-function noodle machine.

Professional Salon Spa Medical Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

  • Newly upgraded 7 kinds of lights LED large mask

The seven colors of light are not only beautiful but also have practical beauty effects. According to the different needs of users, different lights can be adjusted to improve different skin problems.

Professional Salon Spa Medical Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

  • High-Pressure Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator Designed for Cosmetology

This oxygen surface machine uses an OLV-5A medical-grade oxygen generator. 93% oxygen purity from 1 liter to 5 liters, outlet pressure is 100Kpa, very good beauty effect.

Professional Salon Spa Medical Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

Product Application

Professional Salon Spa Medical Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

Product usage introduction:

At first, judge whether the customer is suited to have the treatment. (Taboo: sensitive to the nurture; wound; recovery period after operation; inflammation or another lesion; acute patient; other disputed cases)

 1. clean the face 

2. massage and remove horny 

3. Mix the nurture (essential or milk) to the needed concentration(unusually 3:1). High concentration nurture should dilute by 5:1 or higher to avoid blocking the spray gun. Make the well-mixed essential absorbed into the cup of the spray gun, and make the lid covered.

4. Plug in, and wait for 2 minutes.  

5. Make the eyes of the customer closed. Put the spray gun stick to the skin gently and then press the button and draw back slightly to spray the nurture out. Start from the mandible and move upside. A suspend after 2 second’s spraying. Only oxygen out with no nurture by only pressing the button, needn’t draw back slight, which can help dry the nurture on the skin and help the skin absorb sufficiently. 

6. Repeat several times at the speckle or black eye part. The whole treatment will take about 15 minutes. After spraying, massage for 10 minutes.

Professional Salon Spa Medical Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine


1. What can I expect during my oxygen facial treatment

The average treatment takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Every treatment starts with the application of facial cleansing mousse, serum & mask and blue light. This ensures that the oxygen penetrates deeply and is absorbed well. It helps all the active ingredients work as soon as they get into the skin’s membrane.

2. What’s the downtime after an oxygen treatment?

There is absolutely no downtime after an oxygen treatment. You can go straight back to your normal routine.

3. Are there any side effects?

As with any procedure, there are potential side effects. Please go through the ingredients of our topical products before your procedure to avoid unnecessary reactions or irritation. There are no side effects from the oxygen treatment itself.

4. Are there any special after care instructions?

There are no special instructions except be kind to your skin! Use gentle high-quality skin care products, stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, and use SPF daily. Your skin has just been purified, plumped and toned—take good care of it to maintain your glow.

5. What kind of results can I expect?

With any oxygen treatment your skin is lifted and smooth, it feels extremely soft and hydrated, your skin tone is even, and the wrinkles are drastically reduced.

6. How soon will I see results?

With oxygen treatment, you’ll see results immediately after your procedure. You will have a noticeable glow when you walk out of the clinic.

7. Are the results permanent?

No, they are not. The results from last about 4-7 days. If you want glowing, even skin for a trip or special event, we recommend treatment the day before.

Because Oxygen treatments stimulate collagen production, you may see longer-term results with regular treatment. For optimal results we recommend 4 treatments, 2 weeks apart.

8. How much do Oxygen treatments cost?  

The average cost is $200 to $300 per full section. One single Oxygen jet or Led Photon treatment is also recommend as the customer's need.

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