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1.3ATA Egg-shaped HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Oxyair hbot is a professional hyperbaric oxygen chamber manufacturer and wholesaler. A variety of models are available for users in different scenarios to choose from. Personalized customization service. More professional, safer and more trustworthy.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is equipped with observation windows, automatic pressure relief valves, manual pressure relief valves, and internal and external pressure gauges to ensure the health of every user.

Product name
Egg-shaped Hyperbaric oxygen chamber For Two Persons
Pressure range in hyperbaric chamber1.1-1.3 ATA
Technical parameters
Oxygen :10L/min
Air & O2 Automatic Control System
pressured the charmber by air at 120L/min within 1 min; booster mixed 93%±3% at 5L/min and air 60L/min automatically after 1min.
Also can adjust according to your requirement
Oxygen, Air
Oxygen Chamber SizeL240*W60*H120
Number of usersTwo People
Chamber Material

Customized Service

We can customize different parts of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber according to customer needs.

1.Chamber Coat Color Customization:Blue (royal blue, dark blue), Black, Beige, Green, Gray Optional.

(outerwear can be selected for all models)

2.Pressure CustomizationSingle Soft Chamber: ① white material fabric: 1.3ata-1.5ata. ② blue material fabric: 1.3ata-1.4ata. 

Double Soft Chamber: 1.1ata-1.3ata. 

OLV-RT01 Model Single Soft Chamber: 1.1ata-2.0ata. 

Hard Oxygen Chamber: 1.1ata-2.0ata.

TPU Egg-shaped HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For Two Persons

Egg Shape Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For One Person

Product Details

TPU Egg-shaped HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For Two PersonsEgg Shape Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For One Person

Ingenious Design——More Details

1. Observation Window

The situation of the people in the oxygen chamber can be seen from the outside, and at the same time, the complete lighting keeps the people in the chamber from being uneasy due to the darkness.

2. External Pressure Gauge

So that people outside the cabin can observe the pressure changes in the room.

3. Internal Pressure Gauge

Users can observe the rise and fall of the pressure in the cabin at any time.

Egg Shape Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For One Person

4. Automatic Pressure Relief Valve

When the pressure is too high and exceeds the set pressure value, excess pressure is released.

5. Manual Safety valve in

case of emergency, quickly release the pressure manually.

6. Silencer

Reduce the noise in the oxygen chamber and make the user feel more comfortable.

Egg Shape Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For One Person

Product Description

What is a home hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

The home hyperbaric physiotherapy oxygen cabin is composed of a high-strength TPU nanocomposite fiber material cabin (safety door, observation window, safety valve), a pressurized oxygen-enhancing machine, and an air circuit. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber simulates a 1.3-1.5 atmospheric pressure environment. When people breathe in a micro-pressure oxygen chamber, due to the increase of pressure, a large amount of oxygen is dissolved in the blood, the blood oxygen capacity of the human body is significantly increased, and the oxygen content and oxygen storage capacity in the tissue are increased, thereby playing a health care effect.

Egg Shape Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For One Person

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Application Scenarios

1. Sport and Recovery

Hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy is favored by famous athletes all over the world, and it is also a necessary means for some sports gyms to help people recover faster from hard training.

2. Clinical

When tissues are injured, they need more oxygen to survive. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can increase the oxygen content in the blood.

3. Home care

For some patients who need long-term hyperbaric oxygen treatment and some sub healthy people, they can be treated at home through hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

4. Beauty and Anti-Aging

Because hyperbaric oxygen has the effect of promoting tissue repair, and the skin is a relatively peripheral part of the human body, the blood flow distribution in the peripheral part is not very extensive, so it is often felt that the skin on the face is very dry and lacks moisture. When doing hyperbaric oxygen, oxygen can enter the skin tissue through the process of physical diffusion to accelerate repair and repair and promote collagen proliferation.

Scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel have targeted the use of a method called "hyperbaric oxygen therapy" to stop the shortening of telomeres and the aggregation of senescent cells as humans age.

Egg Shape Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For One Person

Product accessories and options

Egg Shape Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For One Person

Egg Shape Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber For One Person

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