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OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxygen Facial Machine

Model Number: OLV-B1

Product highlight: Compact and portable, deliver 90% pure oxygen, easy to operation

Application: Mainly used for Anti-acne, Skin clean, Anti-wrinkles

Customization: OEM and ODM services are available according to your needs, ideas and samples.

Product NameOLV-B1 Oxygen Facial Machine 
Product VoltageAC220V, AC110V
Sound LevelLess Than 40db
Dimension(mm)245*181*365 (mm)
Purity Oxygen≥93%±3%(1LPM
Flow rate1-5L/min
Net weight5kg
CertificationCE, ISO 18345

OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxygen Facial Machine

OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxgen Facial Machine

Olive has launched the OLV-B1 oxygen beauty device specially designed for home skin care. A compact machine that does not take up space for home use. Professional medical grade oxygen generator, safe, high oxygen concentration, more than 90% oxygen concentration. The high-pressure oxygen output of the same-level of beauty salons allows you to get the same skin care effects as the beauty salons at home. With this machine, your skin care no longer depends on the beauty salon, and oxygen skin care becomes your beautiful daily routine!

OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxygen Facial Machine

OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxygen Facial Machine

Oxygen Facial Machine Benefits 

1. Normalize the sebum secretion, clean and detoxify skin

2. Reduce acne and aging dark spots.

3. Shrink pores, reduce redness, swelling, pains and bruise etc.  

4. Revitalize and regenerate the different skin layers, generate collagen and cellular organization.  

5. Fight the fine lines and aging wrinkles caused by free radical 

OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxygen Facial Machine

Why Choose Olive Oxygen Facial Beauty Machine

  • Complete Product Accessories

Olive has prepared a variety of accessories according to the needs of different users. Different accessories also expand the use of the oxygen concentrator. Users can freely mix and purchase according to their own needs.

Oxygen Jet

The Oxygen Jet is ideal for acne skin, as it can deep clean pores and help to eradicate bacteria from underneath the skin. It is perfect for the face, neck, chest and back – anywhere you want to feel clean and hydrated! 

Oxygen Injection: 

– Concentrated oxygen is applied rhythmically, cooling and refreshing the skin.

– A poly-rotating head stimulates the muscles and connective tissue of the skin. Visibly lifting facial contours.

– Improve skin glow, nutrient agent get through deep tissue via high pressure of oxygen and accelerate collagen regeneration. 

oxygen mask

Provide your skin with an oxygen-rich environment, and oxygen penetrates into the skin, so that your skin is not hypoxic. Can effectively anti-inflammatory, calming, whitening, anti-wrinkle.

OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxygen Facial Machine

High-Pressure Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator Designed for Cosmetology

This oxygen surface machine uses an OLV-5A medical-grade oxygen generator. 93% oxygen purity from 1 liter, outlet pressure is 100Kpa, very good beauty effect.

OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxygen Facial Machine

Product Application

Rich application scenarios

Olive OLV-B1 can not only be used at home but is also suitable for Image Design Studio; Beauty Salon; Plastic surgery hospitals, Home

OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxygen Facial Machine

Product usage introduction:

At first, judge whether the customer is suited to have the treatment. (Taboo: sensitive to the nurture; wound; recovery period after operation; inflammation or another lesion; acute patient; other disputed cases)

1. clean the face 

2. massage and remove horny 

3. Mix the nurture (essential or milk) to the needed concentration(unusually 3:1). High concentration nurture should dilute by 5:1 or higher to avoid blocking the spray gun. Make the well-mixed essential absorbed into the cup of the spray gun, and make the lid covered.

4. Plug in, and wait for 2 minutes.  

5. Make the eyes of the customer closed. Put the spray gun stick to the skin gently and then press the button and draw back slightly to spray the nurture out. Start from the mandible and move upside. A suspend after 2 second’s spraying. Only oxygen out with no nurture by only pressing the button, needn’t draw back slightly, which can help dry the nurture on the skin and help the skin absorb sufficiently. 

6. Repeat several times at the speckle or black eye part. The whole treatment will take about 15 minutes. After spraying, massage for 10 minutes.

OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxygen Facial Machine


OLV-B1 Portable High Concentration Oxygen Facial Machine

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Annual sales of 80000 units

Olive has been focusing on the production and research and development of medical oxygen concentrators for a long time, and has continuously broken through the key areas of oxygen concentrators and obtained a number of patents and domestic and foreign recognitions.

Annual sales of 80,000 units







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