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Affordable IHHT Hypoxie Generator

Simulated Altitude: from 1000m to 6500m

Two outputs: one machine can provide hyperoxic and hypoxic at the same time.

√  Low oxygen concentration: 8.2% to 18.1%

√  High oxygen concentration: 78% to 92%

Product Specification

Hypoxia Training Oxygen Purity

8.2% to 18.1%

Hyperoxia Training Oxygen Purity

78% to 92%
High Oxygen Delivery Rate
Hypoxic Delive Rate100L/min
Output Pressure20Kpa-60Kpa
Sound Level≤48db
Power Consumption
Net Weight20KG
34.4 X 30.6 X 56.5(cm)

OLV-10H Sport Hypoxic Machine Best High Altitude Oxygen Concentrator

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Product Description

Affordable IHHT Hypoxie Generator

IHHT Hypoxic Generator Product Description:

The IHHT Hypoxie Generator represents a revolutionary leap in the realm of fitness and performance enhancement. IHHT, or Intermittent Hypoxic Hyperoxic Training, is a pioneering technique that alternates between reduced oxygen (hypoxia) and increased oxygen (hyperoxia) phases during workouts. Our IHHT Hypoxie Generator is engineered to provide a dynamic and personalized training experience, unlocking a myriad of physiological benefits.

IHHT Hypoxic Generator Product Feature

1. Adaptive Training Technology: The IHHT Hypoxie Generator utilizes adaptive training technology to seamlessly alternate between hypoxic (reduced oxygen) and hyperoxic (increased oxygen) phases. This method challenges your body to adapt, leading to a host of physiological benefits.

2. Customizable Oxygen Levels: Tailor your training to your unique needs with adjustable oxygen levels. Achieve precision control over the intensity and duration of hypoxic and hyperoxic phases, ensuring a personalized and effective training regimen.

3. User-Friendly Interface: The generator boasts a user-friendly interface, simplifying the programming and monitoring of IHHT sessions. Focus on your training goals without hassle, thanks to intuitive controls and real-time feedback.

4. Compact and Portable Design: Designed with versatility in mind, our IHHT Hypoxie Generator is compact and portable. Whether you're incorporating it into your home fitness routine or a professional training environment, enjoy the flexibility to train where you want.

5. Advanced Safety Features: Prioritize your safety during training with advanced safety features built into the generator. Feel confident in your IHHT sessions, knowing that the device is engineered with your well-being in mind.

Product Advantages

Health Benefits of Exercise with Oxygen

OLV-10H Sport Hypoxic Machine Best High Altitude Oxygen Concentrator

 √ Cardiovascular Health:

 IHHT promotes cardiovascular fitness by challenging your cardiovascular system with alternating oxygen levels, enhancing circulation, and supporting heart health.

 √ Endurance Enhancement:

 Athletes can benefit from improved endurance as IHHT encourages the efficient use of oxygen during physical exertion, contributing to enhanced performance.

OLV-10H Sport Hypoxic Machine Best High Altitude Oxygen Concentrator

 √ Oxygen Utilization

 IHHT stimulates adaptive responses that enhance the body's ability to utilize oxygen efficiently, leading to improved oxygen transport to tissues and heightened energy production.

 √ Versatile Training

 Whether you're an athlete seeking performance gains or an individual focused on overall well-being, our IHHT Hypoxie Generator offers a versatile training solution suitable for various fitness levels and goals.

OLV-10H Sport Hypoxic Generator For High Altitude Training

100L Air Buffer Bag

To support continuous flow to the user.It's used to connect the generator to a respirator and allows all Hypoxic systems be put together-sleep,training and hypoxic therapy.

Small Upper Body Sleeping Tent

About  80*60*20cm≈100L.

Portable tent design for easy transportation. Ideal for family using,frequent business trips and prepared accommodations .

Large Upper Body Sleeping Tent


Larger space, more comfortable to use while sleeping.Make your body healthier during sleep


OLV-10H Sport Hypoxic Machine Best High Altitude Oxygen Concentrator

1. Individual hypoxic training system

The Hypoxic generator can connect with mask to match with bicyle and treadmill to do simulated altitude training

2. Altitude training for sports Enthusiasts

Decreased heart rate and blood pressure and help prevent a person from acquiring altitude sickness during hike

3. Slimulated altitude traing on tent

Sleeping at altitude from the comfort of your own home and can help to increased production and release of human growth hormone。This altitude tent has clear walls and is very portable

4. Simulated altitude training system in GYM and Sports center

Long-term training can help sportsman to iccrease power output and speed improve muscular endurance and reduce recovery time

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